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              Founded in 1993 Boca Raton Towing has been a true family-owned and operated business in the greater Palm Beach County for 20 plus years. Our company strives to meet every customer’s expectations. Living in such a Grand and beautiful city, our company pushes to provide the same service and pricing for our community. All of our employees are trained year-round to keep up with the country standards. Boca Raton towing offers all types of services and discounts to students and military personnel. We are open 24/7 365 days a week and offer more than just towing with the capability of storage and long-distance transportation. Keep the prices affordable and service great and we keep a customer for life is the motto.


To Be The Dominant Force In Our Industry through a fanatical commitment to customer service and satisfaction.


 To Be The Elite Force In Our Industry. By selecting the best employees available, and subjecting them to an initial and ongoing training program that will produce personnel who stand head and shoulders above their counterparts.


To Promote A Winning Team Attitude Among All Employees through a policy of positive open communication and discipline that applies to everyone.


To Enjoy Continued Growth through a cost-effective management style that will assure the success of our profit goals.

To Produce A World-Class Value Added Service To Our Marketplace that will be a clear choice for all customers and potential customers.

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